Grangeville High School

Homecoming Week Starts: September 20, 2021

Homecoming week is the week many students look forward to! Why? Because homecoming is the week where our school comes together, and does many cool events that is fun for the whole student body. GHS has the week filled with dress up days, decorations, a parade, powder puff, and big brother little sister. After a week full of fun, Friday night we host a Varsity football game followed by the homecoming dance. This is a great event, because it allows every student to get involved with our school and show the spirit we have for our school!

Homecoming Schedule and List of Events

Home Volleyball - Schoolwide Theme Day - Color Day - Freshman Bribe Day
Seniors: White
Juniors: Black
Sophomores: Purple
Freshmen: Pink
Staff: Orange

Sophomore Bribe Day
Powderpuff Soccer and Volleybuff
Pixar Movie Day 

Junior Bribe Day
Construction Day
Float Decorating and BBQ

Senior Bribe Day
VB Game - away 
Class Theme Day
Assembly class cheer competition (you need to pick a cheer and learn it)

Blue and White Bulldog Friday
Tailgate party
Parade and Game Day after lunch
JV and Varsity FB Games

Homecoming Theme Days

Monday: Color
Tuesday: Pixar Movie
Wednesday: Construction
Thursday: Class Theme
Friday: Blue and White