Grangeville High School

Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is a co-curricular activity where students can demonstrate their knowledge of various facts and information. Teams of up to six people will go to monthly meets and compete with other teams. The more questions you get right, the higher your score. A practice session will often be held the week before a meet occurs. Questions are taken from many different categories, and any student is welcome to join.

Meet Schedule



Name Class Position
Tobias Stoner Junior Captain
Tabitha Stoner Sophomore Vice Capitain
Tyler Zimmerman Junior
Michael Green Sophomore
Maggie Koherman Sophomore
Abigail Forsgren Sophomore
Makenna Denuit Sophomore
Paisley Shields Freshman
Frankie Galloway Freshman
Will Patten Freshman

Other Information

To join Quiz Bowl, talk to or contact Shauyna House -