Grangeville High School

BPA - Business Professionals of America

Business Professionals of America is an organization dedicated to empowering students with opportunities in learning, professional growth, and service. Students from all across the nation are able to compete in events of their choosing. There are various categories from which they can pick, and some events involve team cooperation.

Current/Upcoming Events


2023 Nationals will be in Anaheim, California


Name Class Position
Tobias Stoner Senior President
Michael Green Junior Vice-President
Kaylee Sullivan Senior Secretary
Makenna Denuit Sophomore Treasurer
Lucy Guhin Sophomore Reporter
Eliana Dent Sophomore Member
Natalie Long Senior Member
Tayden Wassmuth Sophomore Member
Tabitha Stoner Junior Member
Makenna York Sophomore Member
Shawn Chahal Sophomore Member

Other Information

To join BPA, talk to or contact Bruce Wassmuth -