Grangeville High School

Student Council

Student Council provides a leadership opportunity to students. Each year, a new body of officers is elected to represent their fellow classmates and the school as a whole.


Advisors and Event Dates

ASB Officers

Name Position
Tyler Zimmerman President
Natalie Long Vice-President
Kaylee Sullivan Secretary
Tobias Stoner Treasurer

Senior Class Officers

Name Position
Holly Brannan  President
TBD Vice-President
KenniDee Scheuerman Secretary
Elizabeth Frei Treasurer
Gabe Ackerman Representative
Gabriel Bybee Representative
 TBD Representative

Junior Class Officers

Name Position
Emmie Told   President
Abbie Frei  Vice-President
Payton Brown  Secretary
Abram Wilkinson  Treasurer
Sydney Roach  Representative
Karl Spencer  Representative

Sophomore Class Officers

Name Position
Makenna Denuit  President
Adalei Lefebvre  Vice-President
Makenna York  Secretary
Halle Told  Treasurer
Tayden Wassmuth  Representative

Freshman Class Officers

Name Position
 TBD President
 TBD Vice-President
TBD Secretary
 TBD Treasurer

Advisors include Charity Ruhnke and Katina Dennis.