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Counselor's Corner

Here at Grangeville High School we pride ourselves on preparation and results. We give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. If you need Senior Class Documents, Scholarships, or ACT/SAT test dates, click the links or select the page from the drop-down menu to prepare yourself and gain more knowledge.

If you are wondering what classes you should be taking view GHS's Graduation Requirements page from the drop-down menu.

GHS Class Resources

Spring 2022 Class Schedule

4-Year Plan - Excel

4-Year Plan courses - Excel

Course List 2022-23

Freshmen Course List

Senior Questionnaire - Word

Senior Questionnaire - PDF

College and Career Resources

10 Nursing Classes You Can Expect to Take

Nursing Resources

Resume Examples

Create a Resume

Teacher Certification Degrees

Best Computer Software Programs for Students

Counseling Resources

Suicide Prevention Hotline


Teen Alcoholism

Addiction Center

Addiction Counselor Education

Additional Resources

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