Grangeville High School

NHS - National Honors Society

National Honors Society recognizes and empowers students with the help of four pillars: Scholarships, Service, Leadership, and Character. NHS strives to help students become transformative leaders by giving students the tools to develop leadership skills in school, community, and other public settings. They participate in LEAD Conferences, apply for NHS Scholarships, and participate in College and Career Readiness webinars. In addition to these commitments, students participate in chapter and individual service projects.



Members (2022)

Name Class Position
Talia Brown Senior
Caleb Frei Senior
Bailey Vanderwaal Senior
Jared Lindsley Senior
Camden Barger Senior
Aliyah Poxleitner Senior
Laura Fischer Senior
Izabella Dame Senior
Taryn Godfrey Senior
Cameran Green Senior
Aliyah Pineda Senior
Macy Smith Senior
Hayli Goicoa Senior
Tobias Stoner Junior
Abbie Frei Sophomore
Adri Anderson Sophomore
Cody Klement Sophomore

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