Youth Legislature

What is Youth Legislature?

Youth Legislature is a club that focuses on learning how our government and court system work.

About the club:

There are two trips you take over the year. The first one is a trip to Lewiston where you receive introduction of what Youth Leg is and try out the process. The second trip is a big one where you meet with hundreds of different kids from schools all over Idaho at the Boise state capitol building.

Teachers Involved:

Advisor: Mrs. Morris

Important club dates:

Next meeting: N\A

State: N\A





Trey Dreadfulwater Lobbyist
Kyle Frei D-I-T
Hayden Hill D-I-T
Sydni Schoo D-I-T
Kenna Stokes D-I-T
Taylor Bostick D-I-T
Clayton Brown Rep
Stephen Goldman Lobbyist
Colby Kennedy Lobbyist
Nathan Lothspeich Lobbyist
Adrian Ramirez D-I-T
Michael Told Lobbyist
Justin Biebow Senate
Ammon Dewey Co-Counsel
Michael Doughty Rep
Wyatt Perry Rep
Amrit Singh Asst. H Fl Ldr
Zach Stoner Senate
Jon Chamorro Co-Counsel
Maicee Conner Judge
Katrina Frei Senate
Lauren Goldman Chief Justice
Marissa Kennedy Co-Counsel
Noah VanDomelen Co-Counsel
TJ Wiltse Rep