Youth Legislature

Youth Legislature is a club that focuses on learning how our government and court system works. There are two trips you take over the year, the first one is a trip to Lewiston, where you receive introduction of what Youth Legislature is and try out the process. The second trip is the big one, where you meet with hundreds of different kids from schools all over Idaho, at the Boise state capital building.

Next Meeting: Febraury 27 and March 1 during lunch

State session is April 20-21, 2017


Name Position
Ammon Dewey Co-Counsel
Amrit Singh Lobbyist
Clayton Brown Legislative Aid
Jon Chamoro Co-Counsel
Justin Biebow Lobbyist
Katrina Frei Representative
Lauren Goldman Chief Justice-Elect
Maicee Conner Delegate-in-Training
Marissa Kennedy Co-Counsel
McKenzie Kennedy Co-Counsel
Noah VanDomelen Co-Counsel
TJ Wiltse Representative
Wyatt Perry Legislative Aid
Zach Stoner Senator
Advisor: Mrs. Morris