Youth Legislature


About Youth Legislature

With youth legislature you have the opportunity to be educated in the field politics. The state of Idaho has the only youth legislature program where students get to rent out the entire capital for a day and a half. There are several different positions you can run for including youth governor which offers a free trip to North Carolina. If not you can go on a more basic route as either a lobbyist, representative, or a senator. If you have any questions contact Susan Morris for more information.


Name Grade Position
Abby Asker 12 Lobbyist
Taylor Bostick 12 Lobbyist
Krista Cerecero 11 Delegate
Trey Dreadfulwater 11 Representative
Stephen Goldman 12 Senator
Hayden Hill 11 Representative
Colby Kennedy 12 Senator
Nathan Lothspeich 12 Senator
Adrian Ramirez 12 Secretary of Senate
Sydni Schoo 11 Delegate in Training
Brandon Stump 12 Lobbyist
Madison Suhr 11 Delegate in Training
Brandon Vetter 10 Delegate in Training