Student Council


President Nathan Lothspeich
Vice President Abby Asker
Secretary Hunter Schoo
Treasurer Molly DeFord


Senior Class Officers
President Chloe Dame
Vice President Rachel Chmelik
Secretary Cierra Mundell
Treasurer Parker Walters
Representative Jolie Tosten
Representative Ashley Gautney
Representative Madison Adams


Junior Class Officers
President Colby Cananday
Vice President Grace VanGunten
Secretary Jakaili Norman
Treasurer Megan Bashaw
Representative Jesus Perez
Representative Sydney Schoo


Sophomore Class Officers
President Emma Edwards
Vice President Thomas Reynolds
Secretary Baeli Kinsley
Treasurer Roop Chahal
Representative Mart Kate Forsmann


Freshmen Class Officer
President Bryan Gomez
Vice President Talia Brown
Secretary Anna Waite
Treasurer Taryn Godfrey




Student Council is a great opportunity to gain leadership skills within your school! Student council plans events, fundraisers, and more! They also attend the annual State Student Council Conference, where they learn more useful tips and tricks to leading the school and getting more students involved in school activities.