Mr. Larson Anderson

Classes Taught: Algebra I, and Biology I

Education: Bachelors of Science, Degree in Education, Physical Education Major, Mathematics and Biology Minors

Years at GHS: 21

Other Duties: Track Coach

Room Number: 203

Mr. Sean Bass

Classes Taught: Physics, Basic biology I, Chemistry, Honors Biology I, Biology II

Education: Degree in Biology, Master's in Educational Technology, Degree in Education

Years at GHS: 24

Other Duties: Prom Committee

Room Number: 204

Mrs. Lindsey Cooley

Classes Taught: Botony, Fabrications, Ag Education, Welding, Zoology

Education: B.S. Ag. Education

Years at GHS: 5

Other Duties: FFA Advisor

Room Number: Shop

Mrs. Alecia Hagen


Education: Associates degree in Medical assisting from LCSC

Years at GHS: 6

Room Number: Office/ Upstairs Computer Lab


Mrs. Katina Dennis

Classes Taught: English II, Spanish I, and Spanish II

Education: Bachelor of Arts Major: English, Minor: Spanish

Years at GHS: 8

Other Duties: Student Council Advisor

Room Number: 208

Mrs. Eimers

Classes Taught: Library Aide

Education: High School, Some College Courses

Years at GHS: 18

Room Number: Library


Mrs. Naomi Finnegan

Classes Taught: Physical Science, Beginning Algebra II, Algebra !!

Education: Bachelor of Science, Education Major: Math, Physical Science,
Minor: Chemistry

Years at GHS: 2

Other Duties: Idaho Drug Free Youth Advisor, Track Coach

Room Number: 129

Mr. Phillip Golde

Classes Taught: Varsity Blue, Band, Choir, History of Rock and Roll

Years at GHS: 1

Mrs. Cindy Hall

Classes Taught: Accounting, Weight Training, Econ, Publishing, Health

Education: Masters, Vocational Certification

Years at GHS: 22

Other Duties: Yearbook Advisor

Room Number: 105, 101, Gym

Mr. Skip Hall

Classes Taught: Early American History, Government

Education: B.A. in Ed, M.A. in Curr. and Inst.

Years at GHS: 31

Room Number: 111

Mr. Steven Higgins


Education: B.A. in Social Sciences, Master's of Education

Years at GHS: 9

Room Number: Office

Ms. Janet Johnston

Classes Taught: Child Development, Fashion, Career and Personal Development, Foods, Teen Living

Years at GHS: 1

Mrs. Lynette Lothspeich

Classes Taught: Basic English I, English I, Honors English IV, Speech

Education: B.A. English, B.S. Secondary Education

Years at GHS: 13

Other Duties: National Honor Society Advisor

Room Number: 205

Mrs. Susan Morris

School Counselor

Classes Monitered: Internet Health, Medical Terminology

Education: B.S. Criminal Justice/Corrections M.S. Marriage + Family Therapy

Years at GHS: 17

Other Duties: Youth Legislature Advisor

Room Number: Office

Mrs. Sally Payne

Classes Taught: Study Skills, Life Skills Math, Life Skills English, Reading, Driver's Education

Education: B.S. Education

Years at GHS: 32

Room Number: 110, 112


Mr. Patrick Phillips

Classes Taught: Art I, II, III, IV

Education: BFA ( studio art + art education)

Years at GHS: 12

Room Number: 100

Mrs. Charity Ruhnke

Secretary/IDLA online classes

Years at GHS: 10

Room Number: Office

Mr. Patrick Sullivan

Classes Taught: US History, P.E., Weight Training

Education: History LCSC, Master's from U of Idaho

Years at GHS: 16

Other Duties: C-Team Volleyball Coach, C-Team Girls Basketball

Room Number: 109

Ms. Keli Tinervin

Classes Taught: English III and IV, Film Analysis

Education: B.A. English Literature, M.A. History, M.B.A. Accounting

Years at GHS: 5

Room Number: 207

Mrs. Jeanie Warden

Classes Taught: Life Skills, Study Skills

Years at GHS: 15

Room Number: 110, 112

Mr. Bruce Wassmuth

Classes Taught: Multi-Media, Business Computer Applications, Solidworks, Business Law

Education: Bachelors in Business Education and Marketing Education, Masters in Industrial Technology Education

Years at GHS: 7

Other Duties: BPA Advisor

Room Number: 101

Ms. Kaila Webb

Classes Taught: Pre- Algebra, Pre-Cal, Calculus, Basic Geometry, Geometry, Personal Finance

Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from LCSC
Master of Acts in Teaching Mathematics from University of Idaho

Years at GHS: 2

Room Number: 141