Local Scholarships:

GHS Local Scholarship List
GHS Local Scholarship Instructions
Local Scholarship Application Form
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Regional Scholarships:

Austin Blackmer Memorial Scholarship
Bill Eimers Scholarship | Application
GEMS Parent Teach Association
Grangeville Eagles
Madelyn Sanberg Wagner Music Scholarship
Tony Haener Vocational Memorial Scholarship
Grangeville Kiwanis Club
Idaho County Orchestra
Lelah Layman Vocational Memorial Scholarship

Other Scholarships:

The Beauty & Wellness Scholarship for Women
Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accident Injury Scholarship
City Property Management HOA Service Scholarship
The Final Fantasy Fan Scholarship
Mark & Kay Burkett Scholarship Fund
For Caregivers
The Recovery Village
PhentermineClinics Health Schloarship
Ziprecruiter Scholarship
Scholarship and Testing Help
Car Accident Scholarship
P1FCU Scholarship
Marsden Scholarship
Hornbuckle Firm Scholarhsip
Robinson and Henry Scholarship
Pointe Pest Control
Racine Olson Scholarship
Aspiring Nurse Scholarship
Entrepreneurship Scholarship
BBB Students of Integrity Scholarship
EGC Women in Law Scholarship
Summit Disability Scholarship
Sterling Law Offices
2107 Future of Assisted Living Scholarship
UEW Healthcare EEOICPA Scholarship
Nurse Recruiter Scholarship
Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship
Divorce Matters Scholarship
The SEO & Content Marketing Scholarship
Lead Roster B2B Sales & Marketing Scholarship
DrToHelp Student Athlete Scholarship
IMI Scholarship
ESTA Scholarship
GoTranscript Academic Scholarship
Growr Scholarship
Scholarship Search Site
Nav Entrepreneur Scholarship
2019 Intermountain Medical Imaging Scholarship