Health Occupation Students of America

HOSA is a club organization that helps students better educated in the Health care industrty. This program gives a great experience for those who are interested in giving a healing and helping hand to those who are in need of great assistance. If you are interested go to Tracy Baune for more information!

Position Name Grade
President Jill Stinnett 11
Vice President Kaitlyn Spets 11
Secratary Colby Canaday 10
Treasure Brenda Gomez 12


Name Grade
Illyana Barela 11
Taylor Bostick 11
Kylie Cervantes 10
Rachel Chmelik 11
Chloe Dame 11
Molly DeFord 11
Ashley Gautney 11
Isaiah Linabary 11
Jordon Reuter 12
Hunter Schoo 11
Jolie Tosten 11
Parker Walters 11
Grace VanGunten 10