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Here at Grangeville High School we have many different events that take place throughout the year.

We have Homecoming, Plays, the Praire Shootout, Spring Fling, BARF, Prom, and other smaller dances.

All these events are what bring our high school together, and what makes each school year unique.






Prairie Shootout





The Prairie Shootout is a time where the biggest rival schools including GHS students and Prairie High School (PHS) students come together for a very good cause, to raise money for local food banks. Each year, we raise thousands of dollars in hopes to beat our rival school PHS. Every year we designate one of the two schools to host the current years competition; December of 2016 we hosted the competition at GHS, and December of 2017 the Shootout will be hosted at PHS. The Shootout is one of many events our amazing high school participates in.









Spring Fling




Spring Fling week is a once a year event where everybody dresses up to each days theme. This year we had pretty cool themes.



Spring Fling Week


BSU vs U of I


Hippie vs Politician


Baby vs Elderly


Summer vs Winter















Be A Real Friend Week, also known as BARF Week. Student Council sets up a table in the arcade to allow students to come and write compliments to your friends. At the end of the week, the compliments were passed out. Also, GHS had a guest speaker: A'ric Jackson. He talked about leadership and putting more than 100% into everything and to 'destroy your box'. It was an inspiration week for many.

















Homecoming week is the week many students look forward to, why? Because homecoming is the week where our school does many cool events that are fun for the whole student body. GHS has the week filled up with dress up days, games, decorations, a parade, powder puff, and big brother little sister. Then after the homecoming football game, we have the homecoming dance. This allows the whole student body to show the spirit we have for each class as we compete to win the spirit stick.


















Prom is one of the biggest events at Grangeville High School. The seniors decorated for the theme: a Rustic Romance. This years prom queen was Maicee Conner and prom king was Jasper Thompson.











Mr. GHS is a beauty pageant for senior boys which was started by Marissa Kennedy for her senior project. This was the first year of the pageant and it was won by Morgan Pilant. He received a $1000 scholarship to the college of his choice. Robert Remington won first runner up, receiving a $500 scholarship to the college of his choice. There was also a winner for each category. The winner of each of those categories won a gift basket. The categories were costume, talent, and evening wear with on stage questions. The winners of these events were: Morgan Pilant, who won costume and the talent, and T.J. Wiltse, who won evening wear with on stage questions.





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